Sunday morning Communities are a time for adults to connect with one another and learn to think biblically about God, the gospel and the world around them. To see what we did this summer, visit our Summer Forum on the Gospel and Culture.

To get information on teachers or topics, look for a copy of the Community Guide at the church or contact Rachel.


For all ages at 11:00
Location: Board Room
Topic: Galatians

Open to all ages at 9:30
Location: C104E
Topic: 2 Peter: Living in Grace
in the Midst of a Hostile Culture

For all ages at 9:30
Location: Commons Gym
Topic: Hebrews with Doug Moo

New Testament Greek Study at 9:30
Location: Board Room
Topic: Verse by verse in the
Greek text of Galatians

Primarily for seniors at 8:00
Location: C005
Hebrews, then Malachi,
Philemon, and titus 

For couples/singles with young children at 9:30
Location: C104A & C
Topic: Jonah and Ruth

Primarily for seniors at 11:00
Location: 210
Topic: Selected Psalms (an in-depth 
exegetical look at key Psalms)

Open to all ages at 9:30
Location: C104B, D  &F
Topic: Deuteronomy 

Location: CL01
Topic: Sermon discussion