Theology and Philosophy of Music  

The music of College Church services is chosen and prepared with distinct theological purposes. We intend our focus to be "vertical"—addressing God, declaring His worth, extolling His praises, and rejoicing in His glories revealed in Jesus Christ. We offer ourselves to a holy God, making every attempt at excellence—not to earn His favor but to reflect His excellencies and to express our joy. Toward these ends, we carefully select Scripture-based choral and vocal music appropriate to a warmly historical worship setting. Instrumental music is chosen and performed to prepare and sustain individual focus on the God whom we worship. In all this, the chief instrument of praise is the congregation's voice in song, creed and prayer.


There are many ways to serve by making music at College Church. Opportunities exist for people of all ages. As you peruse the quick links, please note the contact persons for each area. If you prefer to have someone contact you, please leave us a message!