Pastors and Directors

The staff at College Church is committed to ministering the God-centered gospel in all areas of life, caring, nurturing and training the people of the church.


The quick links at the right will take you to a list of our current elected officers, our support staff and our statement of faith.


Josh Moody

Senior Pastor

Ext. 118 • contact Josh

Eric Channing

Pastoral Resident

Ext. 140 • contact Eric

Patrick Fallon

Part-Time Director of Congregational Support and Care

Ext. 157 • contact Patrick

Ben Panner

Senior High Pastor

Ext. 153 • contact Ben

Garrett Nates

Pastor for Discipleship Ministries

Ext. 126 • contact Garrett

Steven Lee

Pastor of Small Groups and Community Outreach

Ext. 173 • contact Steven

Brett Eggerth

Pastoral Resident

Ext. 145 • contact Brett

Gavin Lymberopoulos

Pastoral Resident

Ext. 141 • contact Gavin


Todd Augustine

Pastor of Congregational Life

Ext. 117 • contact Todd

Bruce Wilson

Missions Pastor

Ext. 121 • contact Bruce

Jon Nielson

College Pastor

Ext. 130 • contact Jon

Tommy Johnston

Junior High Pastor

Ext. 147 • contact Tommy

Dave Bullock

Pastor of Worship and Music

Ext. 122 • contact Dave

Josh Stringer

South Wheaton Campus Pastor

Ext. 149 • contact Josh

Wil Triggs

Director of Communications

Ext. 164 • contact Wil

Dawn Clark

Director of Disability Ministries

Ext. 265 • contact Dawn

Michael McKittrick

Pastoral Resident

Ext. 146 • contact Michael


Diane Jordan

Director of Children's Ministries

Ext. 125 • contact Diane

Nancy Singer

Director of Administration and Finance

Ext. 113 • contact Nancy




Part-time Ministry Associates

Gail Mudra Children's Ministry Associate ext. 134
David Lee Senior High Ministry Associate ext. 135
Jennifer Wheatley Music Ministry Associate ext. 163
Karen Rice Missions Ministry Associate ext. 156

Lindsay Vaive Missions Ministry Associate ext. 154
Megan Messersmith Junior High Ministry Associate no voice mail
Parker Nelson Senior High Ministry Associate ext. 111
Sheri Arndt Children's Ministry Associate ext. 151
Shelley Swanson Disability Ministry Associate ext. 174
Valerie Tonyan Missions Ministry Associate ext. 155