COVID-19 Update: Adult Communities are meeting in person as well as offering a virtual component for those who are unable to attend in person. 
Stay up -to-date on Sunday morning services by visiting the Responsible Reopening page.

If you have questions, call the church or contact Sherri.

For all ages at 9:30
Location: Sunday in the Commons
Topic: Ezekiel
Teacher: Dan Block

For all ages at 9:30
Location: Sundays in CL02
Topic: The Doctrine of Salvation

For all ages at 9:30
Location: Sundays in Commons Gym
Topic: Psalms
Teachers: Philip Ryken, Spencer Garrett and others

For all ages at 9:30
Location: Sundays in C101
Topic: 1 John
Prior study of Greek is not required. 
Teacher: Jon Laansma

For all ages at 9:30
Location: Sundays in C002 A&B
Topic: Adventures through 1 & 2 Peter
Teacher: David Fetzer

Primarily for our international community at 9:30
Location: Sundays in CL03 
Topic: Sermon discussion
Teacher: Steve Krogh

Gifted To Serve Class:
Trait Assessment
Description of Spiritual Gifts
Friends Feedback
Ministry Feedback
Josh Moody's sermon 12.29.19