Training, Sending and Supporting Career Missionaries

Missionary Preparation Program

At any time, at any age and at any stage in life, the Missionary Preparation Program (MPP) takes those seeking to grow as world Christians and provides them with a plan, a process and the practice to enhance their cross-cultural ministry. It exists especially, but not exclusively, for those considering short or long term missions and demands significant investment into College Church.

The Three Components of Preparation

  1. The Five Dimensions of Growth
    • Maturity: Spiritually, Emotionally and Relationally
    • Commitment to the Life and Ministry of College Church
    • Knowledge of God's Word
    • Application of God's Word through Ministry
    • Relationship with Senders
  2. Mentors: The MPP is not a solo journey. Each participant must have a mentor and commit to meeting with this person monthly.
  3. GO! Meetings: These monthly meetings serve to cultivate community and strengthen our cross-cultural witness. Attended by members of the MPP, career missionaries on home assignment and those in the congregation interested in learning more, they bring together a wide range of fellow journeyers. These gatherings include lunch and times of discussion, networking and training.

Get Started!

  • Request a Missionary Preparation Program Application Packet from the Missions Office.
  • Completed, return it to the Missions Office and schedule a meeting with the Missions Pastor.

Where We Currently Serve

Red - Partner seminary
Blue - College Church missionary
Green - Worker in restricted access country or region

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Small Group & Adult Community Missionary List

To find out which missionaries are connected to your group or to connect a missionary with your Small Group, contact the Missions Office.

GO! Meetings

Together, we are on a journey of becoming excellent in cross-cultural witness. Whether we are just beginning to explore missions or have been serving cross-culturally for years, there is always more we can learn about the many facets of missions.

GO! meetings are for members of the Missionary Preparation Program, career missionaries on home assignment and other College Church folks interested in learning more about missions.

  • Format

    Sunday, 12:30-2:30 p.m.

    GO! meetings are held on the second Sunday of every month during the academic year. These meetings run from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. and include childcare for young kids. If you plan to attend a GO! meeting, please RSVP to the Missions Office or 630.668.0878 x119.

  • current curriculum

    Throughout the next year, the topics we address at our GO! Meetings are based on various missionary training topics, such as cross cultural communications, spiritual warfare and evangelism/discipleship. A Culture Talk is also given to help expand our worldview. Check out past GO! Meeting resources at our events page.

Missions Prayer Fellowship

Prayer is our focus. We serve our College Church missionaries as we pray earnestly for them and the national church. We also have the privilege to witness God answer prayer in unexpected, marvelous and exciting ways, as we lift up the varied challenges our missionaries face throughout the world.


Most of these informal gatherings meet in homes once a month. All MPF groups are open and would welcome your participation.

Furloughing Support

Missions Prayer Fellowship also serves and ministers to our furloughing missionaries. We help to welcome them into the church and provide encouragement as they transition into the Wheaton area.


For more information, contact Marilyn Enstrom at 630-682-8341 or

Missionary Support Teams

College Church is continually learning how to better support our missionaries and national partners. As an intricate part of that process, the Board of Missions requires that each career and mid-term missionary assemble a College Church-based support team. In this way, we hope to more fully meet missionary needs and more actively partner in their work.


A support team constitutes a small group (6-12 persons) of committed advocates who come together to care for their missionary in a variety of ways, striving to help meet his physical, emotional and spiritual needs. They encourage and receive honest dialogue with their missionary, allowing him to sincerely express his needs, successes and defeats from the field.


A missionary prayerfully chooses the members of his support team. Some missionaries invite particular friends from their small groups, Sunday School classes or other ministry involvements to join their team. Others have asked an existing small group to function as their support team. In makeup, the leader of the team and the majority of its members must attend College Church. These advocates should have an established level of trust with the missionary, enabling them to be "real" in their communication.

Getting Started

Decide as a group when and where you will meet and who will be the contact person. When you meet, fill out a Support Team roster and turn it in to the Missions Administrative Assistant, who will then forward the roster to the Board Of Missions liaison to Support Teams.
For more information about Missionary Support Teams, contact the Missions Office at (630) 668-0878 or