training national leaders

The International Imbalance

The largest Christian communities today reside not in the west but in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Despite persecution and poverty, the non-western church is growing rapidly. With this growth comes a significant need for leadership training. In fact, those leading 85% of these churches have no formal training in theology or ministry.

Our Global Partnership

College Church partners with 13 seminaries to train national Christian leaders for gospel work among their own people and to the least-reached peoples of the world. Through the provision of scholarships, committed career missionaries and short-term teachers, we seek to aid the educational aims of these institutions.


Check out the Annual OCI Report for our Partner Seminaries HERE

Fellowship for Theological Training

The Fellowship for Theological Training (FTT) exists to promote theological understanding and biblical exposition in local churches around the world.

Our Approach

FTT is a fellowship of pastors and theological educators who are members of College Church and who have expertise and experience related to theological studies and/or biblical exposition. FTT solicits and responds to requests for training in theological studies and/or biblical exposition that FTT receives from overseas schools, church leaders and ministry organizations.

• For more information about the Fellowship for Theological Training (FTT) contact the Missions Team.