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Discipleship Deep Dive

Cultivate a vibrant faith in Jesus that embraces a healthy vision for His church.

Rooted Values

This semester-long program is guided by these values:

  1. Life with God
  2. Life under God’s Word
  3. Life in God’s Household
  4. Life for God’s Mission
Rooted Fellowship

In addition to weekly Sunday Morning Worship and Home Group Bible studies, the Rooted Fellowship program creates opportunities for mentoring, discipleship, and fellowship.

Contact Ben Panner with questions about Rooted for the upcoming semester.

Weekly Mentor Groups
Conforming to Christ by walking with a spiritual mentor.

Sunday Night Rooted
Six Sunday night sessions aimed at helping students cultivate a vibrant faith in Jesus.

7:30-9:30PM Dinner + Session

Fellowship Hangouts
Growing in gospel friendship through intentional time together.

Various events each semester.

Seeking spiritual renewal through dedicated time away together.

Two Overnight Retreats.

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