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Help and Hope

Our God is the God of hope.  We seek to share and to be good stewards of all that he provides.  Request short-term financial assistance or set a course toward long-term financial stability using these resources.

Short-Term Financial Assistance

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Job Search Resources

Find Job Search resources and local job postings with College Church and ministry partners.

Community Resources


The Financial Disciplines Workshop series helps you understand your financial situation, establish a realistic plan to live within your means, establish an emergency fund, and eliminate debt in an orderly fashion.


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Next Steps

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Financial Disciplines Workshop Topics

Practical Bible-based training in matters of personal finance and stewardship

  1. Start with a budget.  It is a starting point and a roadmap for progress.
  2. Plan how to live within your budget.
  3. Give to God first. Set aside tithes.
  4. Pay bills on time.
  5. Get out of debt.
  6. Plan for emergencies.
  7. Have some fun.
  8. Involve your family.
  9. Collaborate with your spouse.
  10. Plan for retirement.

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