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Welcome to ArtSpace

“Art and Faith—in church and in life.”

“Because we know God as both our Creator and Redeemer,
we seek to display his beauty and grace in our life and work.”
Philip Graham Ryken, Art for God’s Sake

ArtSpace is a community of artists exploring the ways in which our creativity integrates with our faith and where we seek to advance the Kingdom of God.

We believe that God has given everyone the gift of creativity. Whether you are a painter, poet, musician, or gardener—you are welcome. It’s a space where we share our work and our lives with one another, and with College Church.

If you are interested in joining our community, where we together learn more about art and faith, please take a minute to fill out our “getting to know you” survey and let us know of your creative interests and the ways that we can better serve our artistic community. Artists of all ages, levels and disciplines are welcome.

Getting To Know You
ArtSpace Workshops

Improv/Game Workshop
September 16 | 10AM-NOON
In Crossings
Cost: $15
Minimum people: 8; Maximum: 20
You must register to attend.

The Improv/Game Workshop draws heavily from the book Improvisation for the Theatre by Viola Spolin and Neva L. Boyd. Everybody can use more fun and laughter in their lives, even us Christians. Maureen Kelly brings 30+ years of teaching improvisation to this workshop, relying upon the concept of “play.” Workshop participants are referred to as ”Players.” They are encouraged to work with each other in ensemble and to be keenly aware of their fellow players and working in the moment at hand. This allows each person to develop and enhance listening skills, unharness their innate spontaneity and wit, and increase attention to the details of their surrounding environment and for those with whom they share that environment. There also can be quite a bit of laughter, which is never discouraged.

About Maureen Kelly, AEA, WGA, SAG-AFTRA
Maureen Kelly has worked with The Second City Improvisational Theatre in Chicago and performed/created eight reviews on the Mainstage and E.T.C. stages. She is a co-founder of the E.T.C. theatre. She has also worked as an actor and screenwriter in Hollywood, and has collaborated with producer Lawrence Mark, Diane Keaton, Robin Williams, Drew Carey, and many others. She loves teaching theatre games (improvisation) to people from all walks of life. Her improv classes are great for helping adults access their creative sides and have fun at the same time.

ArtSpace Gatherings

A monthly coming together, where discuss our personal projects and the many facets of creativity and God.

Tuesday, September 12 at 7PM in Crossings
Creativity word for the month: Awe

Do you find your art helping you to find awe? If so, how and in what way? This article, though geared for writers, can be helpful for all aspects of creativity:

Please bring a drawing, photograph, poem or anything else that you would like to share using the word “Awe.”

ArtSpace Speaker Series

We are planning for our first speaker in spring or early summer 2024. Watch for details coming soon.

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