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Elected Positions

Boards and Committees

Council of Elders

The Elder Council shepherds and oversees by guarding, guiding, and governing (1 Peter 5:1-5).

The Council is responsible for the general oversight of the church and for implementing and preserving the stated purpose of the church.

The Council, together with the pastors, are responsible for ministering to the members. These ministries include shepherding, governing, leading, preaching, teaching, disciplining, helping and praying for healing.

The Council oversees the pastoral staff of the church.  The Boards of Deacons, Deaconesses and Missions shall be responsible to, and report directly to, the Council.

Brian Wildman ’26, Chair
Mark Berg ’25
Mark Bradley ’27
Jay Cunningham ’28
Steve Ivester ’27
Randy Jahns ’28
Glenn Kosirog ’27

Jeff Oslund ‘25
Roger Sandberg ’25
David Setran ’26
Chad Thorson ’26
Dave Tween ’28
Josh Moody, Senior Pastor

Board of Deacons

The Board of Deacons serves by administering finance, mercy and facilities in a way that maximizes unity so that there is no distraction from the proclamation of the gospel (Acts 6:1-7)

This board’s responsibilities include business and administrative ministries: policies, financial personnel, offerings, preparation of the church budget, administration of the church budget, property, support staff and mercy ministries.

Bruce Bonga ’25, Chair
Kolby Atchison ’25
Joel Barnes ’26, Secretary
Scott Bradley ’25, Vice-Chair
Jacob Frerichs ’27
Brad Hiben ’25

Ryan June ’27
Robb Lemp ’26
Eric Odell ’26
Chip Sanders ’27
Jeff Sommars ’26
Tim Urbanowicz ’27
Nancy Singer, Pastoral Staff Liaison

Board of Deaconesses

The Board of Deaconesses oversees certain service and mercy ministries of the church. This board’s responsibilities include: administering the Care and Share (benevolence) fund, ministry to sick and bereaved and visitation.

Ann Lawrenz ’25, Chair
Julie Busteed ’26, Vice-Chair
Donna Aldridge ’27
Brenda Bodett ’27
Adrienne Cassel ’25
Becky Cook ’26
Courtney Graham ’25
Libby Newton ’25, Secretary

Jennie Nicodem ’26 (unexpired term)
Barb Nussbaum ’26
Liz Oster ’25
Gail Pflederer ’27
Donna Teagle ’27
Jill Tweeten ’26
Miriam Warren ’27
Mindy Rynbrandt, Pastoral Staff Liaison

Board of Missions

The Board of Missions oversees the missions program of the church. This Board’s responsibilities include: administering and coordinating the missions program of the church; stimulating the general interest and personal participation of the congregation in the missions program; approving or removing missionaries, mission agencies and mission ministries for church support and prayer.

Jim Tebbe ’25, Chair
Bruce Aulie ’27
Grace Bliss ’26
Daniel Conroy ’27
Marilyn Enstrom ’25
Marilyn Huffman ’25
Tom Nussbaum ’26

Mary Odell ’26
Dave Oster ’25
Nate Peterson ’27
Brian Picken ’27
Stephanie Robbins ’26
Yousaf Sadiq ’26
Jon Smalley ’25 (unexpired term)
Curt Miller, Pastoral Staff Liaison

Discipleship Committee

Works with the Service & Engagement Committee to develop and implement a biblical view of serving in the local church including planning, implementing and growing adult discipleship ministries, identifying and training leaders for small groups and Adult Communities and developing discipleship pathways.

Jeff Peltz ’27
Mike Walsh ’25 (unexpired term)
Kara Beth Vance ’26

Josh Maurer, Pastoral Staff Liaison

Evangelism and Culture Impact Committee

This committee encourages and equips the congregation to share the gospel and sponsors evangelistic services, events, and ministries.

As we seek to actively invest in transforming lives through the love of Christ, the work of the committee is also to foster collaboration with culture-impacting ministries both inside and outside of College Church, creating opportunities to serve together.

Brian Aldridge ’27
Lydia Bendele ’26 (unexpired term)
Mark Bodett ’25
Claire Cook ’27
Paige Cunningham ’25
Kat Haase ’26
Rich Howard ’26

Susan Krisch (unfilled ’26)
Sarah Lindquist ’26
Lisa McKenna ’27
Dave Sohmer ’25
Jim Johanik, Pastoral Staff Liaison

Hospitality Committee

The Hospitality Committee coordinates activities to enhance the hospitality of the church for approved general church functions.

Shirley Sheppard ’25, Chair
Lisa Eckert ’25
Rebecca Fox ’26
Allison Kelley ’25
Catherine Kistler ’26
Yili Le ’25
Morgan Moxley ’25

Bethany Opdyke ’25
Kiersten Oslund ’26
Anna Joy Setran ’26
Sarah Volle ’26
Kaye Waugh ’26
Mindy Rynbrandt, Pastoral Staff Liaison

Service & Engagement Committee

Works with the Evangelism and Culture Impact Committee to develop and implement a biblical view of serving in the local church, fostering a culture of service by engaging newcomers, members and regular attenders, and helping them find a place where their gifts and availability can be used to build the body of Christ.

Katie Nussbaum ’25, Chair
Karen Bagge ’26
Vicky Bailey ’27
Brockton Diebold ’27
Jonathan Larson ’25
Michael Thrasher ’26

Cheryce Berg, Pastoral Staff Liaison
Julie Clemens, Pastoral Staff Liaison
Josh Maurer, Pastoral Staff Liaison

Other Elected Positions

Church Treasurer Ken Heulitt ‘25

Disabilities Superintendent (11AM) Nathanael Strauch ’25

Disabilities Superintendent (9:30AM) Dorothy Nicholson ‘25

Elementary Bible School Superintendent Christina Achziger ’25

Elementary Children’s Church Superintendent Nancy Chase ‘25

Financial Secretary Eric Enstrom ‘24

Librarian Lisa Kern ‘24

Midweek Evening Girls Superintendent Danika Kelly ’25

Midweek Evening Boys Superintendent Terry Van Someren ‘25

Midweek Morning Superintendent (Kids Korner) Suzanna Dickson ’25

Nursery Superintendent Suzy Yoder ’25

Preschool Bible School Superintendent Laura Swoboda ’25

Preschool Children’s Church Superintendent Kristie Smalley ’25

Recording Secretary Carol Schick ‘25

Nominating Committee

Each year, a Nominating Committee is elected by vote of church membership.

Members of this committee solicit nominations for open positions on each committee from church members.  After prayer and due diligence, they recommend a slate of nominees.

Church membership votes on acceptance of these nominations.

2023-2024 Nominating Committee
Laurel Aulie, Karen Bagge, Amy Jones, Chris Tews and Elders Mark Berg and David Setran

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