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Compassionate and Practical Support

Whether you or your loved one’s mental and emotional health has been impacted by recent circumstances or if you live with a diagnosis, we have practical tools to help. Join us in this caring and confidential community.

What is a Grace Group session like?

Grace Groups are designed for individuals and families to experience mental and emotional resilience as a community.

A Biblical story related to the topic

A specific fact related to the topic

Practical suggestions to apply

Prayer and fellowship


“I don’t feel alone in my struggles. There are others who understand me.”

“I appreciated the confidentiality in the group and the freedom to share.”

“There is great encouragement in hearing others’ moments of victory.”


Information regarding the next season of Grace Groups will be posted here at a later date.

Discussion Topics

While Grace Groups follow a 16-week curriculum, each topic stands alone allowing you to come and go at any point.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Whole Health Strength and Renewal
  • God Is Bigger Than Our Weakness
  • Mental Health Recovery
  • Life-Giving Community
  • Grieving and Grace
  • Cycles and Triggers
  • Staying Resilient
  • Medication

For more information, email Christy at [email protected].

The Grace Alliance is a non-profit organization integrating neuroscience and faith into simple and user-friendly resources to help transform our lives into all God has for us.  Learn more and find additional resources at their website.

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