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Equipping for Cross-Cultural Ministry

A multi-faceted program of education, mentorship, and service equips field workers for ministry wherever God leads.


Just as Jesus taught his disciples before sending them out, we seek to equip you for the road ahead

The Process Get Started
Preparation and Growth

This program seeks to prepare individuals and teams in 5 key areas to support careers in missions work:

  1. Maturity: Spiritually, Emotionally and Relationally
  2. Commitment to the Life and Ministry of College Church
  3. Knowledge of God’s Word
  4. Application of God’s Word through Ministry
  5. Relationship with Senders
Missions Preparation Program

This extensive program is required of everyone sent by College Church and can take 6 months to 2 years to complete.

Four program components enable growth and readiness for ministry:

A required reading list equips your mind in multiple aspects of ministry life.

Reading List

Opportunities to put training into practice are provided through multiple ministries at College Church.

Practical teaching is provided monthly at GO! Meetings, cultivating community and strengthening cross-cultural witness. Meets on the second Sunday of the month at 8AM in CL03.

This is not a solo journey.

Monthly meetings with mentors are critical to honing every aspect of preparation.

Required Reading List

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am just beginning to explore missions. I don’t know where God is calling me or what he is calling me to do. Do I have to commit to life-time service from the start?

A: Not at all. You are on a journey, and discerning God’s call is a process. Our Missionary Preparation Program is set-up to help you confirm your internal calling while receiving external confirmation from those around you. Overtime, this will become clear. Some finish the program and continue onto short-term, mid-term or career missionary service, while some do not.

Q: My family and I are considering a job overseas. The role is paid, so we don’t need financial support, but we would love to be supported in prayer and possibly even join a missions team in our city.  Do you have any category like that?

A: Yes. We call those individuals ‘Missions Associates,’ and we would be glad to connect with you about this option.

Q: I want to learn more about missions, but don’t feel called to go. Is this program for me?

A: We welcome learners! And this will definitely give you a foundation in understanding and engaging in missions. There is a lot of information available to you throughout the course of this program. A good first step would be to attend Wednesday evening prayer meetings at 7pm, where you can hear from a College Church mission partner and then spend time in prayer for the local and global church. Reach out to the missions office for more details or to schedule a meeting with a member of the missions team.

Q: What are you looking for in a missionary?

A: We are looking for humble, godly and teachable individuals who want to make a gospel impact in God’s world. These individuals will eagerly become part of the College Church community. They will gladly serve in ministries within our church, and overtime, they will grow in skill and compassion for other people. Along the way, they become convinced of God’s calling and that calling is affirmed by godly counsel. Lastly, they become people who love God and his Word. Their character is proven to be godly, reliable and trustworthy.  Simply put, we are looking for Christ-like disciple-makers.

Q: I feel like the Lord might be calling me to missions, but I’ve never been overseas. If I want to begin by serving with a short-term team, do I have to complete the MPP?

A: We are thankful for your openness to God’s call! Participation with one of our short-term teams does require some preparation, but you are not required to complete the entire MPP. To learn more about short-term opportunities check out the trips page of our website or reach out to Marilyn Papierski, our short-term coordinator.

Q: I’m a current missionary, but I don’t attend College Church. Would you consider supporting me?

A: Thanks for asking. We require anyone being sent by us to be a member of College Church, to invest in service for several years in our church community and to complete the MPP. If that describes you, please reach out!

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