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Ready to Serve Our Global Team

Use your gifts to support and serve our missionary family as they spend time around Wheaton


Prayer is a crucial and significant way to support our missionaries.

Pray through our Missionary & Evangelist Prayer Guide

Prayer Guide

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Prayer Pulse

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Prayer Calendar
Ongoing Needs

Join a mailing list to be contacted when urgent needs for transportation arise:

Event Help

We’re always looking for extra hands to help with October’s Missions & Community Outreach festival

  • Volunteer to set-up or clean-up our festival events
  • Volunteer to help with childcare during a festival event
  • Volunteer during Global Café to refresh desserts and drinks

We are looking for accommodations for our missionaries – anything from an extra guest room to an above garage apartment – for various lengths of time.

Do you enjoy showing hospitality? We’d love to talk with you further about what this looks like.

Frequency: As able, once a year

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Airport Pick-up

Missionaries are coming and going from Wheaton frequently. We need people with flexible schedules and friendly faces to pick them up from the airport and drive them to where they are staying, and do the reverse when they are ready to leave.

Frequency: As able, several times per year

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Apartment Set Up

When missionaries come to town, we like to stock their accommodations with a couple days of groceries and gifts to help them feel welcomed and at home.

Would you be willing to make a grocery store trip for one of our missionary families?

Frequency: As able, a couple times a year

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Community Introductions

For our missionaries on Home Assignment, they need guides to the area, a friend at a new school willing to show them around, or orientation to good parks or the intel of the best ice cream shop.

Frequency: As needed, once a year

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Networking and Professional Services

Are you familiar with HR? A tax whiz? Familiar with the process of buying or selling a home? Insurance savvy? We are looking for a team of people willing to share their skills and know-how with our missionaries.

Frequency: As needed, a couple meetings per year

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