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Protecting Children

Caring for children is one way we can be an extension of God’s grace and love in the lives of at-risk and vulnerable children and families.

Children Need to Feel Safe

Children need to feel safe and have an adult that they can trust. Unfortunately, this is not the case for every child in DuPage County.

Jesus set an example for us in the way he welcomed little children to come to him. You can make an impact in a variety of ways.

Care for the Unborn (Caring Network)
Caring Network comes alongside individuals facing unplanned pregnancies, offering free medical services and guidance.

They also offer free confidential post-abortion care and support.


Safe Families

Safe Families for Children is an international organization – powered by volunteers – who want to keep children in vulnerable situations out of foster care.

Safe Families partners with parents who are going through a crisis by providing temporary homes for their children, usually for one-to-two months. The end goal is always reunification of the family.


Foster Care

Nearly 18,000 children are in foster care in Illinois. Over 3,000 are waiting for adoptive families.

Many have experienced abuse and neglect and have never known a stable family upbringing.  By welcoming these children into our homes, for a week or a year, we display Christ’s love for the ones who feel most invisible.

Learn more at Lutheran Child & Family Services or Illinois DCFS.



Over 18 million children domestically and internationally need a family and a home.

We have a unique opportunity to demonstrate the gospel through adoption, and to support those pursuing adoption with prayer and practical help.

For those who have adopted, let us walk alongside you through friendship, care and support.

Office Volunteer

Caring Network and Safe Families operate with the help of many volunteers.

Become a Safe Family

If you are looking for a rewarding and challenging experience, consider becoming a Safe Families Host Family. You will make a lasting impression on a child in need and possibly change the trajectory of a family in crisis.

The average length of time a child is with a safe family is less than 45 days and the majority of children hosted are younger than 6 years old.

Get Involved
Foster or Adopt

Becoming a foster parent or adopting a child is a big decision, but if you feel the Lord calling you to take this step we want to walk with you and support you and your new family through the process.

Get Involved

Help a child succeed in school by volunteering as an academic tutor once per week after school.

Be a positive influence in a child’s life by building a one-on-one relationship as a Big Buddy Mentor at Outreach Carol Stream (formerly Outreach Community Center). Big Buddies meet with their Little Buddy twice per month.


Caring Network, Outreach Community Ministries and Safe Families are all 501c3
organizations who would be grateful for your financial support.

The Caroline Adoption Fund was created to provide for College Church congregants who need financial assistance, and is administered by Lifesong for Orphans.

Your gift to any of these organizations would be helping support vulnerable children and families.

Prayer Ministry

All of these ministries, and all of our families, need prayer support. Will you pick one to pray for consistently and join their prayer team?

Safe Families

Caring Network

Outreach Community Ministries

Article & Book Resources
Ministry Partners
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