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International Connections

Numerous peoples from all over the world, often from countries inaccessible to Americans, reside in the Wheaton area. Share Christ’s love as they acclimate to life in America.

Welcome, Neighbor

Protecting refugees has many aspects including safety, access to basic human rights and efficient asylum procedures. We welcome the global community.

All Nations Community
Sundays 9:30AM

Multi-Nations Fellowship
2nd Saturdays 4PM
Commons Hall

A Home for International Students

More than 23,000 international students reside in Chicagoland each school year.

Build relationships and connect over meals, and make an impact worldwide.

A Community for Refugees and Immigrants

People from all over the world reside in and around Wheaton.

Join our international community at one of our weekly or monthly outreach events and become a friend for those who are starting over in the U.S.

Get Involved
Teaching English

Assist an ESL teacher as a classroom aide in morning language and job classes and form friendships with adult students from all around the world.

One-on-One Tutoring

Citizenship Tutoring — Regularly meet with an immigrant or refugee to help prepare them to have a successful citizenship interview.

ESL Tutoring — Develop a friendship with an adult or couple while helping them to improve their English.

Creating Opportunities for Children

Volunteer as a classroom aide or provide transportation to class for a family with small children.

Impact the lives of preschoolers and their parents in this program that provides care for infant and preschool-aged children of ESL students and introduces them to Jesus through teaching and example.

Offer homework help or read with a child at the Wheaton Square Apartments.

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Helping Families Acclimate

Moving to the U.S. can be an overwhelming experience. Work as a team to help a refugee family learn English, integrate into a new culture, navigate the medical system and adapt to their work environment.

Commitment is 1-2 hours/week for six months.

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Meals with International College Students

Twice a year, in partnership with OMF, College Church hosts a meal and activity with international students throughout Chicagoland.

Start a friendship that can lead to sharing the gospel.

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Make an Impact in Your Neighborhood

Is there an international family on your street? Do you work with immigrants or refugees?

Invite them to lunch or to share a meal with your family. Build a cross-cultural friendship and share the good news of Jesus Christ.

Pray for boldness and opportunity with your neighbors and colleagues.

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