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Jonatán & Teresa Simons

Jonatán and Teresa serve with SIM in Medellín, Colombia. Jon is professor of Historical Theology, Greek, and Church History at Seminario Bíblico de Columbia (The Biblical Seminary of Colombia), where they live in community with students, faculty and staff. The seminary’s vision is to train the next generation of leaders and teachers for the Latin American church. To this end, the seminary offers rigorous undergraduate as well as two master’s level programs with government accreditation that enable graduates to move into leadership positions for foundations, ministries, denominational institutes and churches as well as providing regular and intensive discipleship.

Jonatán and Teresa do ministry with the single students, including Jon leading the weekly Bible study and Teresa meeting with the single girls and wives of students. They both mentor several students.  Jon is working on several translation projects from Latin and Greek into Spaninsh as well as assisting with a translation into an indigenous language. Teresa is homeschooling their three children, who make friends every day through the outreach for kids in their community.

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